Yes, that’s right; you can take advantage of existing brands to have your own toolbox manufactured. That’s the object of the exercise for brands such as Gladiator, Waterloo, Extreme Tools and even a brand known as the Gas Monkey. The companies that have put together their broad-based inventory of toolboxes already had you in mind. But if you want any further customization from your existing top tool box brands, do talk to the designers and engineers that brought you their originals.

You may, however, be referred to a major source supplier that operates online. This supplier offers the industrious public the largest (world’s largest?) selection of tool boxes purely designed and prepared for professional use. But don’t worry, the weekend DIY guy hasn’t been forgotten either. Scroll through your new source supplier’s chock-full inventory and you’re sure to find a toolbox that meets your needs. Specific toolbox storage requirements will take into account accessibility, organization and security.

Heavy duty toolboxes custom built for industrial, military and government use carry good warranties that will protect all customers’ return on investments. The warranty matches the desire to provide clients with durability and good value for their goods. If you are one of those startup engineers with no solidified idea in mind just yet, you are encouraged to talk to your online engineers who can help you with a first time choice.

top tool box brands

If you’re doing this for the first time, take note of the type of heavy duty toolboxes you will be able to pick from. Here you will have a select choice of roller cabinets, hutches, side lockers, tool carts and top chests to choose from. If you’re a first time DIY guy, you might just want to start small for now. Plenty time to build your inventory.